Why develop a mirror cabinet specifically for make-up?

Does it make sense to develop a special bathroom mirror for make up? Our make up specialist Gabriela Wassmer says yes, definitely. She supported us in developing the Focus mirror cabinet and gives us exciting insights in the following interview.

Find out which challenges had to be considered and why it is worth investing in a mirror cabinet with good lighting.


Why develop a mirror cabinet specifically for make-up?

Make-up requires special requirements in terms of

  • Quality of light
  • color rendering
  • reflection
  • quantity of light
  • direction of light

If all these criteria are correct, the choice of color for eye shadow, lipstick and foundation is easy. The result is a flawless makeup that fits. Both strength and color are harmoniously matched.

Unfortunately, many commercially available mirror cabinets do not meet these requirements.

What features should a makeup mirror cabinet have?

This makeup mirror shows all colors truthfully, the light is present in sufficient quantity, the reflection is shadow-free and when looking into the mirror it does not dazzle.

What role do color temperature (Kelvin) and color rendering index (CRI) play in make-up?

Let me explain this with an example.

If you put on makeup in daylight, you have an even and complete color spectrum. This means that all colors are reproduced truthfully.

Artificial light, which we perceive as pleasant, is too warm for makeup. All yellow and red tones are reproduced intensified. The eye compensates for this “misinformation” and we unconsciously apply makeup in tones that are too cool. The result always appears inappropriate in daylight.

Gabriela Wassmer
Gabriela Wassmer

Why does it make sense to be able to adjust the color temperature (Kelvin)?

For one thing, you can mimic how your made-up evening make up looks at a candlelit dinner or how your business make up looks on stage with lots of spotlights. On the other hand, it is desirable to be welcomed with a pleasant soft light at night or early in the morning.

For what reason is the lighting direction so important?

Side lighting and indirect lighting from above and below allow the face to be illuminated without shadows. There are no harsh contrasts for makeup and the face is evenly illuminated. With this lighting, you don’t put more makeup on one side because the light is weaker on one side.


We thank Mrs. Wassmer for her active support in developing the light of Focus mirror cabinet and wish her all the best.

Website Mrs. Wassmer: https://www.makeup-partner.ch/