The Covid-19 virus has taken hold of our country and the rest of the world. There are new findings and information for the population almost daily. But what is the situation here at Sidler? We would like to give you an insight into the measures and approaches we are trying to master the crisis.

Production of illuminated mirror cabinets

Since 17 March 2020, the production of illuminated mirror cabinets and lighting has been divided into shifts at Sidler.  This should reduce the contact between each other and stop the spread of the virus. In detail, the first shift starts at 4:45 am and ends at 13:45 pm. For all those who have to catch the early worm. The night owls are then on duty from 14:00 to 23:00. We know that it is a huge challenge for those involved and we would like to thank all those who, despite the adventurous working hours, do not let our production come to a standstill.

The breaks are regulated individually, so that also here there are very few points of contact. In addition, particularly endangered persons and everyone with the smallest symptoms stay at home. There is plenty of disinfectant available in the whole company and the request to wash hands frequently. In order to protect the employees who cannot keep the safety distance due to the permanently installed workstation, special foils were laid here to keep the protection as high as possible.

Home office and appointment changes

Within the office premises, some of the employees have switched to home office and in some cases agreements have been made that staggered working hours can also be adhered to here.

Our service technicians unfortunately had to cancel all on-site appointments. What was possible was discussed on the phone and all further assignments were postponed to Corona. Most customers of our mirror cabinets have the greatest understanding and have willingly postponed the appointments.

Availability of light mirror cabinets guaranteed

Sidler AG can maintain the ability to deliver due to the numerous measures. Of course, we are also dependent on suppliers, some of whom come from corona risk areas and have to deal with even more serious challenges like us. But even these have made everything possible to continue to deliver good quality. As things stand today, it does not appear that short-time working will have to be applied for. We are thankful that we have been spared serious illnesses.

This was a small insight into our difficult Corona everyday life. We hope to have given you an overview to see how we mastered the extraordinary situation. Stay healthy.